Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dark and void ever were, without beginning, and ever will they be, without ending. Down their eternity, every avenue turns from Story. Was there came to pass in dark and void that the One was solitude. The One knew Thought, and in Thinking came the One to the Thought of Many. It was in Many that the One was made to be no more in solititude. In Many, the One knew Love.

It was in Love the One knew Desire, for the One Looked upon the Many, and was not known to them. It was in Desire the Word was born.

"You are of the Thought, and in you that are the Many I find Love."

It was in the Word the Many were then aware. "Speak of the Many" they told the One. "Speak of Love. There is You, there is the Word, and we are of the Thought.", and the One told the Many of themselves. For each a name was given. For each a place in the Sight. They were all of the Thought, and the Thought led into Plan.

Being named before all else, the Other came first out of the Many, and by his name knew his place at the right hand. Was at his place, by his name, the Other gave witness every name, and gave witness every place in the Sight thereof. When all had known the Word, the Other came to where the One had gone, and gave of the same gift back to the One, saying:

"All that is in the Thought, Beloved, now is known to Me, for You have given. Now the Thought is Mine, and I am as You are." whereupon the Other threw embrace upon the One, making Him known Brother and Lord.

That the Other had known Him, the Lord threw off the embrace, and set upon the Other Commandment:

"None shall know Me, for Lord is Thought, Thought is Many, Many is Love, Love is Desire, Desire is Word, and in Word will Name be given only by Lord. You are not as I, for being as I is to Name."

"I can Name." The Other said "You have given Me the first part of all that is Your's to give. You gave Your Name to Me, and all will bend to My Word as to Your's. All that You made of Me, You are. I must be to Your Will a Will of My Own." and placed He on the Lord's cheek a kiss, and left He where the Lord had gone to go where the Other would go.

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