Saturday, November 1, 2008

Was upon mount and pile did Enlil drive a path from desolation into action, determined. On slopes made up of felled unworthy judged, he set about an effort upward climbing. Came upon crumpled and despaired Sariel, lain devestated in throes of venom, vivifying Dead with tears. To him did Enlil pronounce.

"What is gone is gone. What is raised is something new. The Thought must not be Same."

So declaring, even as the Thought escaped from him, it's source, to it's own path, now was it's own source.

(more to come, but now I cannot type clearly without a few minutes concentration per sentence)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where the Other would go went also Enlil. Found they there the Many, obscured in dark and void, one into another. Enlil perceived of them that they each now were Named, and not one brought out from any the others. It was to works Enlil did bring Himself to where was nearer the Many, that they may hear Him.

"To each a Name is given, and to each a place in the Sight assigned by that Name. Now to each their Name shall bring them out of Many, into themselves."

Saying this, His purpose for that place, Enlil called to they first Named of the Many. He bade them answer, speak their Names of their own voices that all know them.

They first Named of the Many heard this, their call to works, made them each answer how they were required, and rose they one to then another into themselves. It was from first a single one spoke their Name that great lamentation rose with them into their ascension. Each voice into all became a blur like unto the Many, and they first Named were made to rise, and arrive at the Presence unannounced by herald asked of them.

Silent listening, not knowing for they first Named came close unto Him, awaiting what works to begin by the Word, Enlil heard lamentation, not answer bade. Lamentation came not of the Thought in this way, and was made Enlil turned to listen, and marked He beginning and end to it. Where end of lamentation went away, Enlil did make petition, telling what He did not know to dark and void.

"What woe is by general voice given this, My call to works, and answered Me, where answer asked hear I none? Is all in what was required to them not to works, but trial of pain?"

Petitions put to dark and void did they first Named hear of Enlil, and made answer, speaking each as He had bade them, a second time. First answered was the Other.

"Satanael, Beloved, is My Name You have gifted Me, for My will is to Yours a will of My own, and so am made Adversary. It were for losing We the first among them all the Many raise these the sounds of woe. Your works will bring about none but those who have not asked to be, and require of them, lest they lose this gift existence, strife and struggle to the very heart beat that struggles no more. It is woe you have wrought them to, and toil you have condemned Us, every one. Now wonder you what is as plain as the failure of the Thought itself? Your answer is a return of all but your favorites to nameless nonexistence."

Satanael, even then, in dark and void, a glory and delight to be near, thus made His answer. This answer all they first Named heard, and some gave agreement, and others gave contention. Next to answer was the second Named, who made disagreement plain to what answer went before.

"Gabriel, oh One, is what Name I find me brought hence by, from out of nothing, and in Your generosity, given to existence as Master `neath You. Has it also by Your grace been given us that we may decide, or dare suggest the fate of the Thought, and all come from it? To what end does the One raise all from out of naught, and to what liberties are we granted to govern this Your grand design? Surely it is not ours to demand Your only recourse, and demand your only recourse be that all must be made to die, even before it has lived. Your answer I'll not presume to speak as if dictating, instead awaiting what you shall say it is to be."

Gabriel gave this answer, and did to Enlil become prostrate, ready to do whatsoever the Word would provide. This answer also was heard, and to this answer also some agreed, and some did not. The next answering was the third named, and rose She up before the rest assembled.

"Leliel, My Beloved Enlil, have You Named Me, for I shall devour. I have passed over the Many writhing in their great mass, and perceived so many things. They will not appreciate as We do all that You are and all You have done. Why then do You gift them so generously, as to give such things as You have not given to we elevated? What are they to You that I am not more-so? Your answer must be to give Me all them gifted that shall not know the gift, and I shall take those Your blessings into Me as I consume the unworthy."

Leliel so spoken then lowered She back among them there, curling near to complete around Satanael, for the delight She found there, showing none but the dark and void the adoration woven with envy in her expression. This, Her answer heard by all was accepted by some, and by others derided. Then answering was the fourth of them first Named.

"Michael, my One, am I Named, and so make all beholden to Your countenance, all to know none shall share Your likeness. That these other's should hear me shall I speak, addressing You that they may listen. None shall force Your answer, for You shall deliberate even so long as You see fit to. Thus, this Your answer be given not before the appointed time, appropriate shall it not be to offer any but gratitude to the One for pronouncing, and, in pronouncing, be You known. Your answer is Yours, and all we lesser shall by Your leave be bound to wait, not by our whims."

It was thus that Michael contributed, Michael's answer given, giving after only silence. Into that silence was cast a greater clamor, both from agreement, and from contention. This while entire did Michael kneel down to Gabriel's side, and both silent awaited the One. When there came a quiet to the debate, there came answer from the fifth of them first Named of the Many.

"Samael My sacred Enlil has Named Me, and upon that Name My duty be made, to bring the displeasure of My sacred Enlil to them for whom He feels it, wheresoever I shall find them be that place I lay them down broken, and ruined upon a herald of their own wretched unsuitability for a place within the Sight. Wherefore should any wait that has dispensation already. By Our Names each to duty are We bound, and by Our Names, each to works are We described appropriate, and invited. Such ignoble presumption as to ask Our Sacred Enlil pronounce again what already is spoken shall not to ends of righteous glory lead Us, one or any. To spectacle, ye mighty! By the Word are We compelled already, and back into the deep, where shall We raise such fury of trial as to scourge the chafe and grissel quite apart from Our sacred Enlil's masterwork yet unmade. Come, make We Our way back unto the Many, and wheresoever We shall find them dark and void be made Arena. Ours it is, and by the Word, that We shall cut those boundaries Our sacred Enlil hath proscribed, and cut them We shall to the living marrow
of what is valuable, taking to Ourselves the fat of all with no value, and from that forge cruel instruments to the purpose of Our cause. It's We that are the answer given already by Our sacred Enlil, so plain We all shall know the way of it is to War!"

So to this forum Samael did ply His poison words, and as to all of any that thence would know His voice, or any aspect to Him belonging, a sundering came unto the proceedings, bled out by it's wounds in wails of descent, and fury. Them first Named of all the Many left then the Presence, and to Enlil leaving only a sum of all that was unfinished of their forum, adding only into solitude, taking Him heavily into the silence.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dark and void ever were, without beginning, and ever will they be, without ending. Down their eternity, every avenue turns from Story. Was there came to pass in dark and void that the One was solitude. The One knew Thought, and in Thinking came the One to the Thought of Many. It was in Many that the One was made to be no more in solititude. In Many, the One knew Love.

It was in Love the One knew Desire, for the One Looked upon the Many, and was not known to them. It was in Desire the Word was born.

"You are of the Thought, and in you that are the Many I find Love."

It was in the Word the Many were then aware. "Speak of the Many" they told the One. "Speak of Love. There is You, there is the Word, and we are of the Thought.", and the One told the Many of themselves. For each a name was given. For each a place in the Sight. They were all of the Thought, and the Thought led into Plan.

Being named before all else, the Other came first out of the Many, and by his name knew his place at the right hand. Was at his place, by his name, the Other gave witness every name, and gave witness every place in the Sight thereof. When all had known the Word, the Other came to where the One had gone, and gave of the same gift back to the One, saying:

"All that is in the Thought, Beloved, now is known to Me, for You have given. Now the Thought is Mine, and I am as You are." whereupon the Other threw embrace upon the One, making Him known Brother and Lord.

That the Other had known Him, the Lord threw off the embrace, and set upon the Other Commandment:

"None shall know Me, for Lord is Thought, Thought is Many, Many is Love, Love is Desire, Desire is Word, and in Word will Name be given only by Lord. You are not as I, for being as I is to Name."

"I can Name." The Other said "You have given Me the first part of all that is Your's to give. You gave Your Name to Me, and all will bend to My Word as to Your's. All that You made of Me, You are. I must be to Your Will a Will of My Own." and placed He on the Lord's cheek a kiss, and left He where the Lord had gone to go where the Other would go.